Affirmation-Infused Underwear.

Seamless, super-soft and filled with good intention.

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For each undie purchased, another item item is given to someone in need.

We want you to feel happy about the goodness you share with each purchase.

So whenever you place an order we let you know the status of both your order and the order we donate on your behalf.

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New! Organic Cotton Basics

Quality underwear shouldn't break the bank. Ours is made from an intricate organic cotton blend, ensuring a soft, breathable experience. They're extra thin with just enough stretch for the perfect fit and infused with affirmations to help you make it through the week.

Teen/Tween Affirmation Underwear

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How Do You Like Your Underwear?

Our Undies are made to be part of your daily routine, infused with positive affirmations to keep you going through the day.

We like ours bold, smooth and filled with an abundance of good vibes.

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Undies That Do Good

When you give someone our affirmation-infused underwear, you do more than spread the gift of positive thinking - you're also giving an item to someone who needs it.

One Purchase = One Donation

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Affirmations for Tweens and Teens.

Consider this a (self) love letter to your tween. Be silly, be strong, be kind to yourself and others.

Introducing our first series of ultra thin, and breathable undies wrapped in good feels.

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