I'm an Introvert: Here are my affirmations

I'm an Introvert: Here are my affirmations
I'm an introvert.
My affirmations do not transform me into something I'm not.
They ground me and celebrate the beautiful introvert that I am.
I'm ok with saying no to just about anything,
because I know what I need better than anyone else.
My silence doesn't mean that I have nothing to say - 
I'm comfortable with silence and being in my own mental space.
I like who I like - and I love what I love.
That's pretty much self explanatory.
What some see as peer pressure, 
I consider to be mouth noises.
Words, are words, are words, 
and though powerful, it cannot 
cut through my worth.

What they've been saying is true - introverts make amazing friendships, are good listeners and are extremely creative. We need solitude to recharge and in that solitude we find our creativity, happy space and contentment. We can be the yin to an extrovert's yan, and beautifully so. 

Being all of these things comes with the human task of self-balance. This is a gift we intentionally give ourselves to maintain our mental health. As we all know it can be a struggle, so at Oh Undies, we tend to gravitate towards positive self talk as a small way to keep the mental cupboards in order.

Being an introvert myself, it was great to find a treasure trove of affirmations that can ground us in moments when being our most genuine self can come with external challenges.

Here are our top 15 Affirmations for Introverts:

  1. I value my alone time, as it helps me recharge and reflect.
  2. I am putting my needs first.
  3. There is nothing wrong with saying 'NO' because it helps my mental health.
  4. I am a great listener and offer valuable insights.
  5. I bring a calm and grounded energy to any environment I am in. ( we get this compliment quite often )
  6. I have a unique perspective that is worth sharing.
  7. I attract genuine connections by being true to myself.
  8. I embrace opportunities for growth and welcome new challenges.
  9. Setting boundaries allows me to maintain a healthy balance in my relationships.
  10. I deserve to take care of myself and recharge whenever necessary.
  11. I am comfortable in my own company and find joy in solitude.
  12. My alone time is precious and rejuvenating.
  13. My presence is a gift to others, and I can choose when I'd like to be present.
  14. I embrace my introversion and value the unique strengths it brings.
  15. I am happy with who I am and the way my life is going.

Want to dig deeper?
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We're also a fan of Janee Michel's 16 affirmations for introverts. Check out the video below.

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