Belmont Peanuts is Simultaneous to Self-Love

Belmont Peanuts is Love

I found a can of BBQ peanuts at Marshall's a few years ago, and my life has never been the same.

Like most avid Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Burlington shoppers, that day, I graced the food aisle to explore their neverending random assortment of food and snacks. My eyes fell on two canisters of peanuts. My palette tingled. One was labeled sea salt and pepper, the other BBQ. Interest peaked. I grabbed both and they immediately became my precious.

This was the beginning of the beginning for me. Belmont BBQ Peanuts

Determined to not overindulge and become fatigued by an item that made me so happy, I committed to ordering cans every few months. Then one day it ended. And like it happens when you miss one workout day- I fell off the wagon and didn't purchase for almost 2 years.

I had a conversation with a close girlfriend about how life has changed so rapidly over the past few years. Business structures are different. Work from home is actually thriving. Accessibility to mental health care has also improved. Amid all the good, I felt less than myself. I missed me.

In an attempt to get back to being grounded and loving myself the way I used to, I followed a few steps. One included treating myself.

The suggestion was to send myself a gift, like a bouquet with a love note. 

I sent myself peanuts.

And there she was.

The second I received it, nostalgia swept over me. A small act of gifting myself started rewiring my brain to commit to more acts of self-love. I committed to prioritizing myself once more.

Life is fast and fleeting. And it's easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the New York lifestyle.

But sometimes getting back to you can be as simple as a can of peanuts.


P.S. How do you plan on showing yourself love today?

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