Gifts To Give Yourself A Burst Of Dopamine

Dopamine Gifting Ideas
We've heard the term dopamine-dressing, where brightly colored solids and smirk-inspiring prints are combined. There's also dopamine interior design where Maximalist and Art Deco trends combine to engender bright hues and traditional peek-a-boo hints of nostalgia. 

As we approach the holiday season dopamine gifting has reemerged as the trend. Joy-inspiring and mood-sparking pieces are the go-to to spread cheer. While we consider the items we can share to trigger a burst of dopamine, let's not forget ourselves in the mix. Dopamine doesn't only make us feel good and but when treated as less of a sugar rush, the long term effects can take us through the year to yet another season of gifting.

Here are gifts you can give yourself for a boost of self-inflicted dopamine.
Happy Holidays to us!


Note: We receive no portion of the sales if items are purchased through the provided links. We just love these items!

Mood-Boosting Gifts

SIB-LINGSoh undies

Scent No. 7 Ginger Pink Grapefruit Tonka Wood Candle


The scent of fresh citrus is an all time pick-me-up. These diy candles that set the mood are made with eco-friendly and non toxic fragrance and essential oils.

For a seasonal scent, try the Sweater Weather Pack.

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oh undies recommends who gives a crap tissue

100% Recycled Toilet Paper


Because they're the eco-friendliest, softest, and packaging made to be displayed. When compared per 100 sheets, they're also more affordable than major brands like Cottonelle.

Starts at $28 with a Subscription

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oh undies recommends  a disco ball humidifier

Disco Ball Diffuser


While you relax and breathe easier, this disco ball spins and releases a delightful aroma of essential oils.

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oh undies recommends a creativity journal

Creativity Journal


There's something quite invogorating about challenging our creativity, and this colorful book printed on tree-free paper can be the perfect sidekick.

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Oh Undies recommends Affirmation Infused Undies

Affirmation-Infused Undies


We're all on different parallel self care journeys. Daily affirmations can give a boost as a reminder that you are enough. As a bonus, these undies are also, super stretchy, seamless and no-show. 

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